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Codesplunk is a social networking tool that allows programmers, students, and engineers to test and practice their programming knowledge through multiple choice questions, allowing the user to keep up-to-date on programming knowledge from a variety of programming languages by providing an environment that facilitates the sharing of programming knowledge. Like wikipedia, anyone may contribute and participate. Each submitted question is reviewed, and added to the collection, if appropriate. Not all the questions on this site are created equal. Since anyone can contribute, some questions are undoubtably going to be of better quality then others. Some of the questions are mainstream topics that are more general to most programming languages and other questions are very specific facts, details of a method or API. Each user will find a different set of questions useful: what's useful to one user is not useful to another - it's easy to move from one question to another so you can find the questions you want.

Sometimes programmers make bad decision, rewriting code when there's already a method which does that task; this site will mitigate those circumstances by increasing overall awareness of a languages capabilities. Keep in mind, this site has a variety of questions, with varying degrees of difficulty. Future updates to the site will include various filtering methods and peer reviews. Codesplunk is a fun way to expose yourself to new programming language factoids :)
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